A Deeper Look at Escorts

An escorts service is just any individual or groups that, for monetary profit, makes themselves accessible to the general public for the purpose of companionship or accompaniment. An escort is usually a male who offers companionship or helps a lady to achieve her objective. However, the word ‘escort’ is often used interchangeably with ‘bodyguard’, ‘bodyguard escort’ or ‘security officer’. Such a designation does not allow for the female escorts to shield their identities because in most countries it is illegal for females to serve as bodyguards.

Today, the demand for escorts has increased tremendously. These are mostly male escorts who provide security, protection and support to women or girls who want to engage in sexual activity on the street. The demand for escort services is not only limited to prostitution in the legally brothels but can extend to escort services for escort of tourists and visitors in tourist destinations. Most European countries, including United Kingdom, strictly regulate the activities related to street prostitution. They have developed task forces and designated representatives who enforce anti-prostitution laws and work towards preventing the sex trade.

For the purpose of sex tourism, escorts are hired by the customers to accompany their ladies or girls to a brothel. There are a number of brothels operating in and around United Kingdom. For this reason, a number of brothels have now opened in other cities of United Kingdom, particularly in Manchester and Edinburgh. Some of these new brothels have also started providing escort services. It is here, that a similar type of regulation has been imposed on the prostitution business.

A licensed and experienced escort will always take care of his or her own safety while accompanying their clients. In the brothel environment, an experienced escorts will be provided with proper security and protection by the employees. The escort will have to undergo extensive training and will be taught how to protect the client from any form of harm and sexual harassment. It is an important duty of the escort to educate his or her clients about the dangers of being in the hands of criminals. It is also a responsibility of the escorts to make sure that they are alert at all times and report anything that may seem suspicious to their clients.

Since most of the escort services provide their service within the brothels, it becomes necessary to have a license to work as an escort. This license is a document that authorizes an individual to operate as an escort in the UK. To apply for the license, an individual has to pass a written examination. After successful completion of the written exam, an individual will receive the license. Once the license is acquired, a person can then work as an escort in any brothel and any part of the country as long as he or she has not been convicted of an offense related to sexual conduct.

Escorts play an important role in the working life of the brothels. Most of the women who enter into prostitution are unable to work legally as they are either abused or are married into a poor family. Therefore, it is important for these women to seek the help of a suitable escorts in order to protect them and ensure their safety.