Scams in Birmingham escort industry

There are plenty of big escort scams in Birmingham, which are normally used by the Romanian girls who come over- However, nowadays, some of the local girls are catching on as well, especially the independents, as they are left to their own devices, when it comes to their escort work. Which means the scams are becoming more and more important to look out for, not just with the foreign girls. 

The biggest scam of all in Birmingham is escorts using fake photographs or ones that are so heavily airbrushed, they look nothing like the girl you have booked with. For some reason, ladies seem to think that the better they look, or if they look like a different girl on their profiles, they will get more work. However, fail to realise how short sighted they are being. All this means, is that you will turn up to the appointment and, as their client, be exceptionally disappointed. Feeling as if you have done nothing but waste your own time, due to this common scam. Which always means the girl who you have booked with, was not the girl you chose from the websites. 

Not only this, but some girls will use real photographs, but instead, lie about the services they give. So, you get the pretty girl you were hoping for, but then realise she is nowhere near as open minded as she claimed to be. Another way girls think they will get more clients, but ultimately disappoint her clients. Often it is services such as kissing, anal, CIM or OWO, that girls lie about offering. 

Sometimes, you will also find girls who use another one of the big escort scams in Birmingham city. Which is where they lie about the prices they charge. Often requesting more money for anything intimate to happen, when it was never stated in their adverts. Which can be exceptionally disappointing, especially if you did not bring any extra cash with you or, do not have any more spare to give them. This is very much a trap, you are there, they tease you a little to get you a little hot and horny and then request money. Of course, you don’t want to be left high and dry and will more often than not, pay up. 

This one is slightly more common with Eastern European girls, than with the local escorts in Birmingham. However, with foreign girls being on the rise. You really do need to be careful. All girls will request money upfront, of course, to avoid you scamming them. However, some girls will ask for the money upfront, straight away make an excuse to leave the room and the next thing you know, she is heading out the door, with your money and making a run for it. 

Sometimes, they will also hand money to someone who came with them, who is waiting outside and then leave you shortly afterwards, to try and make it look a little more authentic, so you don’t get suspicious. 

This is also, sometimes, done in a totally different and very clever way. If you are at the escort’s place, she might suddenly receive a phone call or a text from her ‘husband’ who is coming back now, just when you have paid her. Next thing you know, someone is coming through the door causing a scene and telling you to get out. This is NOT her husband and is in fact, her also scam loving, pimp. Who has staged the whole thing with her, just to get your money. 

These are always things to watch out for and can be always avoided by sticking to a girl who has lots of feedback and positive comments from previous clients.