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  • B1 City Centre

    Birmingham city center escorts are the heart of the West Midlands. They are centrally based for Birmingham city incalls. Or outcalls to the suburbs of Birmingham. In the city of Birmingham there are thousands of escorts discretely positioned in luxury apartments. Including Brindley place, Broad Street, Centenary Square, Victoria square and the Bull ring. Known for their outgoing personality, these professional female companions are sure to make you feel welcome! Birmingham is the second largest city in England, with the number one escorts! Whether you are a local or a visitor, Birmingham city center has everything your heart could desire. 

    Birmingham city center escorts are popular with tourists. Men who are visiting the city and need a companion, entertainment or tour guide. Beautiful escorts in Birmingham city can visit you to your city center hotel. Popular Birmingham city center hotels are the Jurys inn, Malmaison and Hyatt Regency.  They are situated in an excellent location, only a 5-minute walk into the city center. However, there are many city center hotels in Birmingham for everyone's budget. Escorts who are available only need short notice to be available for outcall bookings to these Birmingham hotels. 

     Businessmen who have arrived at the city can have an evening dinner date with a Birmingham city escort. There are many fine restaurants to choose from in Birmingham city center. Restaurants in the city center of Birmingham are available to suit all tastes and cuisines. There are restaurants in the city center to suit every client´s budget; San Carlo, Bar Estilo, Marco Pierre White or McDonalds.  

    There are so many things to do and see in Birmingham city. Let an escort guide you through the eyes of a local. Walk hand in hand with a Birmingham escort through the city center. Explore and discover what the center of Birmingham has to offer. Stop for a kiss and a cuddle with a Birmingham city center; they offer true Girlfriend Experience. Days out with an escort in Birmingham can be expensive. But there are plenty of free things to do! Such as the museum, historic churches and cathedrals, Parks and lakes, art gallery, gardens and the custard factory, to name a few!  

    Nightlife in Birmingham city center is predominantly on Broad street. Particularly on the weekends, it is full of students, stag parties and hen parties. Party animals and people having an amazing night out. City center party escorts can provide you with a night to remember. Allow them to show you the fantastic super clubs, night clubs and bars. Book an overnight and she can accompany you back to your city center hotel after the clubs have closed.  

  • Beware of Scams

    There are plenty of big escort scams in Birmingham, which are normally used by the Romanian girls who come over- However, nowadays, some of the local girls are catching on as well, especially the independents, as they are left to their own devices, when it comes to their escort work. Which means the scams are becoming more and more important to look out for, not just with the foreign girls. 

    The biggest scam of all in Birmingham is escorts using fake photographs or ones that are so heavily airbrushed, they look nothing like the girl you have booked with. For some reason, ladies seem to think that the better they look, or if they look like a different girl on their profiles, they will get more work. However, fail to realise how short sighted they are being. All this means, is that you will turn up to the appointment and, as their client, be exceptionally disappointed. Feeling as if you have done nothing but waste your own time, due to this common scam. Which always means the girl who you have booked with, was not the girl you chose from the websites. 

    Not only this, but some girls will use real photographs, but instead, lie about the services they give. So, you get the pretty girl you were hoping for, but then realise she is nowhere near as open minded as she claimed to be. Another way girls think they will get more clients, but ultimately disappoint her clients. Often it is services such as kissing, anal, CIM or OWO, that girls lie about offering. 

    Sometimes, you will also find girls who use another one of the big escort scams in Birmingham city. Which is where they lie about the prices they charge. Often requesting more money for anything intimate to happen, when it was never stated in their adverts. Which can be exceptionally disappointing, especially if you did not bring any extra cash with you or, do not have any more spare to give them. This is very much a trap, you are there, they tease you a little to get you a little hot and horny and then request money. Of course, you don’t want to be left high and dry and will more often than not, pay up. 

    This one is slightly more common with Eastern European girls, than with the local escorts in Birmingham. However, with foreign girls being on the rise. You really do need to be careful. All girls will request money upfront, of course, to avoid you scamming them. However, some girls will ask for the money upfront, straight away make an excuse to leave the room and the next thing you know, she is heading out the door, with your money and making a run for it. 

    Sometimes, they will also hand money to someone who came with them, who is waiting outside and then leave you shortly afterwards, to try and make it look a little more authentic, so you don’t get suspicious. 

    This is also, sometimes, done in a totally different and very clever way. If you are at the escort’s place, she might suddenly receive a phone call or a text from her ‘husband’ who is coming back now, just when you have paid her. Next thing you know, someone is coming through the door causing a scene and telling you to get out. This is NOT her husband and is in fact, her also scam loving, pimp. Who has staged the whole thing with her, just to get your money. 

    These are always things to watch out for and can be always avoided by sticking to a girl who has lots of feedback and positive comments from previous clients. 

  • Birmingham escorts

    Our Birmingham escort agency provides the best experience in female companions and adult entertainers. Many Birmingham escort agencies have tried unsuccessfully to compete with us. So, what makes our escort agency in Birmingham stand out from the rest? Our escort work ethos is based on three things.  

    Firstly, our superior skills in customer service. We are friendly, polite and courteous to our clients. This results in a mutual respect. We do not judge any client based on his or her preferences. We are not racist or prejudice. Providing no one is hurt mentally or physically, we do not judge a client based on the Birmingham escort services that he or she requires. We understand that we are simply providing a service that enables clients to fulfil a missing void in their personal lives.

    If a client has a secret fantasy to seduce his secretary, then this can be acted out with a consenting roleplay escort. In real life, he would be sacked or taken to court, or his partner may leave him. In a roleplay scenario, his fantasies are acted out and fulfilled discretely and privately. All bookings are 100% confidential. We are a tried and tested Birmingham escort agency!
    Enjoy the most Sexy Birmingham escorts. They are simply the very best you can get.

    Secondly, we have a close working relationship with all of our Birmingham escorts. We do not control our escorts in Birmingham! They are free to work around their personal commitments, other jobs and university studies. They inform our office what days and hours that they wish to work for the week. They are free to charge their own prices. They are free to advertise their own escort services. Our female Birmingham escort agency is responsible for advertising, promoting and taking bookings for freelance Birmingham escorts. Girls can choose whether they wish to do Birmingham incalls, West Midlands outcalls, or both. However, we do have a standard that we adhere to! When girls apply for an escort job in Birmingham there is a criteria that must be met. Girls must be attractive. We appreciate that beauty is in the eye of the beholder! However, an effort with appearance must always be made. Clean teeth, nice makeup, hair, nails and perfume. The sexy figure of an escort comes in all shapes and sizes. An escort does not need to look like a supermodel. But clothing should be worn that compliments the body. Clothing can also be worn that enhances her best features. But most importantly, the escort must have a good attitude; professional, reliable and honest. This attitude reflects onto the client and the receptionists. She needs to have natural qualities that makes strangers enjoy her company. Such as a friendly and welcoming manner.

    A caring and sympathetic nature. She needs to be a conversationalist. She must not judge clients or ask personal questions. She must have the ability to change her personality to suit different client´s personalities, ages, races, beliefs and opinions. She needs to be open minded. When females who apply have these qualities, they are welcome to be advertised by our Birmingham escort agency! There are of course females who apply who pretend to have the qualities of a high-class escort. They are simply working for the money and have no interest in pleasuring their clients. With our experience, these fakes are soon addressed. Also, with client feedback and reviews, which are closely monitored, we can soon see good escorts in Birmingham from a bad escort in Birmingham. We monitor our girls from a safety aspect! We know who a girl is with, location, time and duration. Security drivers are provided to ensure an escort arrives safely and exits her booking safely. The security driver will wait for her discretely nearby the booking.  

    Thirdly, we are highly organised! Unlike other escort agencies in Birmingham, we run a professional adult business. We have an organised calendar on our website. This means that clients can book the girl of their dreams in advance. A pre-booking ensures that clients can plan and organise their own time. We have all the information and photographs needed for each escort on the website, so clients can choose a companion. If clients are still unsure, our helpful receptionists can advise on a suitable escort to suit the client's needs. We are the only Birmingham escort agencies who open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Clients have the assurance that whenever they need some female adult company, they can contact us! We hear far too often from new clients; the other Birmingham escort agencies do not answer their phones in opening hours! We hear from new escorts who have previously been with another Birmingham escort agency; they did not explain what the escort job entails! Or, they forced me to work hours that I could not do. Our organisation skills ensure bookings go smoothly for the client and the escort. We provide thorough directions for the client. The entire booking is clear and concise! All parties understand what is expected from the appointment. There is no confusion.  

    These are the reasons as to why our Birmingham escort agency is established. This is the reason why our escort agency in Birmingham has been established for fifteen years. These are the reasons as to why our Birmingham escort agency has the best reputation. We are offering you the chance to visit VIP Birmingham escorts where you are able to find the highest class escorts.

    Both from a client's perspective and a working girl's perspective! We believe in making working conditions for our girls to be comfortable and profitable. We believe that clients who seek Birmingham escort services should feel that we have make a big difference to the happiness in his life. We truly are the leading providers in escort employment and customer satisfaction!  

  • Blog

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  • Contact Us

    Open 24 hours of every possible day. You can contact us to reserve time with Birmingham escorts. These girls are the best of their class, they offer total satisfaction always.

    Prices start from only £50 for 30 minutes luxury incall booking.

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  • Incalls

    Birmingham incalls are available! For clients who do not have a private premise of their own to meet with an escort. There are many men over the age of 18 who live in shared accommodation, with a partner or with parents. They wish to book a Birmingham escort in secret but have nowhere discrete to have an intimate encounter. Even if they were in a position to book a hotel for an outcall, a credit card would have to be used. This would potentially leave a footprint on the bank statement. Whereas incall appointments can be paid in cash, ensuring that there is no financial paper trail.  

    Incall apartments in Birmingham have been purposely located; for their accessibility, privacy and discretion. Large buildings mean a client could be going to anyone of the hundred apartments within the block. The same applies for communal parking. No member of the public will take any notice. Incalls are located within easy walking distance from train stations and bus routes. There is always parking for incall apartments. 

    Birmingham incalls provide everything a man needs to be comfortable. King size beds with clean linen. Fresh white towels. Shower facilities. Toiletries, such as men's shower gels and deodorants. Complimentary drinks. As well as all the other facilities needed for longer incall durations. Such as television, a cooker, kettle, toaster and washing machine. The incall apartments are designed to make the client feel at home-from-home and relaxed. They are clean and modern! 

    Overnight incall bookings are very popular! An overnight booking in an incall apartment is for a duration of twelve hours. It is financially cheaper to book an overnight incall, than it is for an overnight outcall. If you are visiting Birmingham. Booking a hotel and then paying an extra travel cost for the escort to travel to you, as well as her overnight rate. Whereas an incall overnight with a Birmingham escort is a cheaper and totally set price.  

    Birmingham incalls start from half an hour. This is perfect for clients who have limited free time. Particularly those clients who work in Birmingham and like a quickie during their lunch break. Half an hour incalls are the cheapest appointments available. In Birmingham, there are escort agencies who offer half an hour incalls from sixty pounds, fully inclusive! Therefore, even clients who are on benefits can save up their money and book a Birmingham incall escort.  

    The fact that an escort does not need to travel, she has all of her tools-of-the-trade with her. With outcalls, Birmingham escorts are limited to what they can fit into a bag or suitcase. At an incall apartment in Birmingham, she will have everything at her finger tips. Such as a large selection of lingerie, fantasy roleplay uniforms and sex toys. Dominatrix escorts can even have larger BDsM sex toys situated permanently in the incall apartments. Therefore, incall apartments provide more variety when it comes to spicing up your sex life!  

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  • Work with us

    Escort work is the world´s oldest profession. Escorts have been available since ancient and biblical times. Despite the authority's efforts to ban and criminalise the escort industry, there are still thousands of escort agencies around the world. The general consensus nowadays by the police, is to turn a blind eye. Providing there are no underage girls, trafficked girls, drugs or laundered money. If escort agencies keep a low-profile and cause no problems, pay their taxes on money earnt, then generally the authorities leave them alone. Because of decades trying to stop escorting, they simply can´t. Females always find a way to work. Men always find a way to book escorts. 

    The fact is, society has always needed escorts, for thousands of years. And there is a simple explanation as to why. Men need escort services to fulfill a void in their lives. We are not just talking about sexual services! Men need companionship, friendship and affection. Escort work can involve an element of prostitution. But escorts are not prostitutes because they offer so much more!  

    According to James 1:15 in the bible.” Going to a prostitute is just as bad as being a prostitute”. 

    Proverbs 9:13 “Prostitutes are loud and brash and never have enough of lust and shame”.  

    The concept of prostitution was used by biblical writers as a metaphor for unfaithfulness to God or as a judgment against unholy sexual behavior. And yet, in modern society, old and young from all different religions book escorts! Can a man really be judged for needing some female companionship from an escort? Surely any God would not want his people to be lonely and depressed? Can a female really be judged for providing an income for herself whilst satisfying the lives of others? Surely any God would not want a female to starve or go without money to live a nice life?  

    Since ancient times women have cooked and cleaned to earn a living. They have sold their cooking skills to provide for themselves. But an escort who sells her sexual skills and friendly personality is frowned upon. What's the difference?!  

    When we look back in history to the bible times, Romans, Egyptian, Vikings, Tudors, Victorian and medieval times; there has always been escorts offering sexual services. Throughout world history, there has never been a time where escorts were not available. In history, there has always been females offering a fun and memorable time. In cave men times, there are females from tribes who swopped escort services for meat and food. Escort work is the oldest profession!