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Escort work is the world´s oldest profession. Escorts have been available since ancient and biblical times. Despite the authority’s efforts to ban and criminalise the escort industry, there are still thousands of escort agencies around the world. The general consensus nowadays by the police, is to turn a blind eye. Providing there are no underage girls, trafficked girls, drugs or laundered money. If escort agencies keep a low-profile and cause no problems, pay their taxes on money earnt, then generally the authorities leave them alone. Because of decades trying to stop escorting, they simply can´t. Females always find a way to work. Men always find a way to book escorts. 

The fact is, society has always needed escorts, for thousands of years. And there is a simple explanation as to why. Men need escort services to fulfill a void in their lives. We are not just talking about sexual services! Men need companionship, friendship and affection. Escort work can involve an element of prostitution. But escorts are not prostitutes because they offer so much more!  

According to James 1:15 in the bible.” Going to a prostitute is just as bad as being a prostitute”. 

Proverbs 9:13 “Prostitutes are loud and brash and never have enough of lust and shame”.  

The concept of prostitution was used by biblical writers as a metaphor for unfaithfulness to God or as a judgment against unholy sexual behavior. And yet, in modern society, old and young from all different religions book escorts! Can a man really be judged for needing some female companionship from an escort? Surely any God would not want his people to be lonely and depressed? Can a female really be judged for providing an income for herself whilst satisfying the lives of others? Surely any God would not want a female to starve or go without money to live a nice life?  

Since ancient times women have cooked and cleaned to earn a living. They have sold their cooking skills to provide for themselves. But an escort who sells her sexual skills and friendly personality is frowned upon. What’s the difference?!  

When we look back in history to the bible times, Romans, Egyptian, Vikings, Tudors, Victorian and medieval times; there has always been escorts offering sexual services. Throughout world history, there has never been a time where escorts were not available. In history, there has always been females offering a fun and memorable time. In cave men times, there are females from tribes who swopped escort services for meat and food. Escort work is the oldest profession!