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If you know someone who designs clothes, then it can be challenging to buy for them. Not only does research take some effort, but you must be familiar with their style aesthetic and brand preferences too. So here is our selection of the top gifts for a fashion designer friend that are sure to please!

Coffee Table Books

For your friends who are big fans of a particular designer, they would surely love to have a coffee table book on that brand. Not only will this give them great inspiration for their designs, but it will also add an attractive piece to their home.

The Ideal Vanity Set

Giving your friend the gift of makeup tools is sure to please them. This set includes brushes, eyeshadow, mascara and blush that will be a welcome addition to their collection. At an affordable price point, this set offers various brushes suitable for different needs.

The Xp-Pen Artist 13.3 Pro is an ideal drawing tablet for designers seeking high quality tools. This model is user friendly and compatible with popular drawing programs such as Photoshop, Painter, Krita and Gimp etc.

For those seeking new ways to express their creativity, a tablet is an ideal gift. This Xp-Pen artist tablet is the ideal sketching companion, boasting high quality pen capabilities suitable for both novices and professionals alike with support for all types of drawing software programs.

This model features 27 inbuilt stitches for plenty of versatility and complexity, making it a must-have tool for designers. Plus, its leather case is zipped shut so it’s convenient to transport around.

Mannequin Torso

A mannequin torso is an invaluable tool for fashion designers, as they can use it to test their garments before sending them off to clients. Additionally, designers may use it for moulage techniques and drape making. What better gift could there be than this for any aspiring fashion designer wanting to hone their skills!

Colored Pencils

Designers need the necessary art supplies for their profession. A designer must have an array of colored pencils in their toolbox to draw various textiles such as denim, fur, plaid, wool, chiffon and transparent fabric of any kind.

These colors can be hard to locate, so buying a set will save your friend lots of time.

Fashion designers will find this wrist pin cushion to be an invaluable tool, keeping their pins close at hand at all times.

It will be an invaluable asset to their workspace, guaranteeing they never again misplace their pins.

Gifting is an integral part of designer work, as designers put a lot of time and energy into their creations and deserve all the tools that make their job easier.