Posted on: February 27, 2023 Posted by: Brian Griffin Comments: 0

If you’re attending any race day this spring or summer, chances are you’ll want to look your best. And while this may seem like an impossible task, don’t worry – there are plenty of makeup tips and tricks that work on everyone.

Makeup Tips for Asian and Black Skin Tone

Finding the ideal foundation shade can be tricky when you have an uneven complexion. But the good news is that there is a wide range of shades available to accommodate all skin types – particularly Asian and black women!

Once your base has been perfected, it’s time to pick out the ideal lip colour for your complexion. Pick a hue that complements your natural skin tone and draws attention to any features such as cheekbones or eyes that need highlighting.

Your skin will take on a fresh, youthful glow with this procedure. Plus, you’ll be able to minimize any unevenness in its tone.

Don’t forget to set your foundation with a light translucent powder for an all-natural look and extended wear without smudging or fading.

When applying tinted moisturiser or BB cream as your foundation, be sure to spread it all over the face instead of just on your nose and chin. This will reduce product waste while covering up any blemishes without looking too heavy or overdone.

Finally, keep your eyeshadows minimal for best results. Doing so will prevent them from looking too heavy or overdone and can help balance out a bold hat you might be wearing on race day.

Use a highlighter that is the same shade as your foundation to blend it in seamlessly and avoid looking too glittery or liquidy.

When applying makeup, it’s essential to remember that less is more. The main goal of this look is to achieve a flawless complexion.

When selecting makeup for an upcoming race, it’s important to think about its intended use and how long it needs to last. After all, races often involve long days and you don’t want your cosmetics fading or smudging by then.

For a minimalist yet impactful makeup look this spring racing season, Tobi Henney from L’Oreal Paris Makeup Director Australia and New Zealand suggests trying the cool pinks trend. She suggests keeping your lips and cheeks soft with rosy pink blush, then use shimmery bronzer to give some definition to your face.